Backround image - UV face mapping

I started modeling from a backround image and it looked excactly the same as the model, but when I went to go texture it in the UV/image Editor, viewed the side of the model, press U, “from window” and on the image editor screen it was out of porportions.Like the sides seemed squished down and too long.

Anyone know what caused this or how it can be fixed?

Give us a blend file?

sounds as if your image is not square. when you apply an image it is scaled to fit within the ( square ) UV editor. you can use non-square images, by scaling the UVs to match the image in the UV editor. ( usually only necessary in the one axis )

or are you referring to the UVs themselves? distorted by the unwrap? an artifact of the unwrap method. try splitting the object into planes, by creating seams, to get a better unwrap. ( any areas facing roughly in the X Y or Z directions can be treated as planes. these islands can then be joined in the editor, to create a even unwrapped mesh )

if i am way off in my guessing, maybe try posting a screenshot?

jim ww


Is it the background image the same you’ll use in the UV texture?
If yes, just load it and all’s gone fine!