This is a project I was working on, trying to come up with a good way to make a spherical microphone grill.

Rendered in cycles

Could you briefly explain how it was done? Looks great.

Yea… excellent job on this, what renderer did you use?

Yea… excellent job on this, what renderer did you use?

edit:: Whoops… just saw what you wrote at the bottom of the image.

Thanks I’m glad you like it.

The process is unfortunately not as efficient as I would have hoped but in the end it involved cutting a UV sphere in half and using that as a base. I placed a whole ton of separate straightened bezier curves in a grid pattern centered over that, subdivided them, and used the shrinkwrap modifier with the sphere as the target. Then I added some thickness to the curves and (unfortunately) by hand, selected every other vertex on the curves and scaled them out then inverted that selection and scaled them in.

It’s probably not the best way to do it but it was the only way that I could come up with that looks the most realistic.

Awesome in all aspects! I love the colors and the Depth of Field. Good overall theme and scene. Well Done!