Backup, Backup, Backup, Time to Backup!!!

I just thought I would put in a reminder to one and all to make sure you back up your stuff.

You know how you see those threads in here that say " I just lost all my stuff 'cause my hard drive just died"

And you know how you think “boy that was close, I need to back up my stuff”?

And you know how you didn’t do it then?

And you know how you still have not done it yet?

Well, do it NOW

Thats right, set up a system that regularly and automatically does it for you.


thanks. but i never backed up my 10gb of personal file, 500gb of media, and 100gb of blender stuff, I have yet to see a hard drive crash.

Backup is over-ra

That is so true. Thanks for the reminder!

Only problem is, I don’t know where to back up my stuff to.

Today I will take the backup. I am already in a problem, my cmd not working, Talk Manager is disabled by Administrator ( i don’t know who is ). AVG ( free one ) is uptodate…

HA! Few weeks ago i had the same idea. So i went and backed up blendfiles, fotos, my student’s projects and some other stuff to my external HD. Well, it was not exactly a backup, because i used the opportunity to clean up my notebooks HD.
3 Days later: BAM! Headcrash of the external HD, everythings lost. Is that murphys law, or what!? Lucky me that i could restore lots of data from old, scattered BACKUP-DVDs that i had made months ago.
So what’s the moral? Backup double! :slight_smile:

in case anyone thinks i am an idiot, my first post was suppose to be a joke…

I do regular backup to a 24/7 home server via an automated sync which runs every 7 days. It is even better than a periodical backup :smiley:

OK, let’s see here, I take the shifter and go from park to reverse, the beep beep beep thing comes on and I am backing up! Too cool.

I thought it was funny…

Yeah, I’m probably due for some backups. Thanks for the reminder.

I got your joke. The end is what told me it wasn’t serious.

Tynach, a simple solution is to put another hard drive in your computer and then configure a scheduled backup to it.
Or just copy everything to it every once in a while.

I’m too cool to back stuff up.

Ha, likewise. I dont wear helmets or seatbelts either…

Man, Im edgy :RocknRoll:

id backup, but i dont have anything but cd’s and dvd’s to backup to! SO if you would like to help some poor fellow, feel free to send me a free file server as a gift…! (please!) :smiley:

I have seen some automatic backup external hard drives for about $80. It may seem expensive, but your blends are priceless. I use a Maxtor OneTouch, but there are more modern solutions.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve had this on my ToDo list for ages… so I finally took the time to set up bacula - which in the end cost me about three days of my life due to a tiny, hard to spot configuration error :confused:
At least it was a great learning experience (guess I’m a complexity junkie ;))

I have seen some automatic backup external hard drives for about $80. It may seem expensive, but your blends are priceless. I use a Maxtor OneTouch,

Wow, I use the same thing, and ironically I got it for $80 too. O_o