Backyard/Windmill for animation...

This is a scene I’ve been working on for the last little while, it’s meant to be for a title sequence for a film project I’m working on. I think it’s to the point where I can throw it open for the some C and C’s.

Everything in the image is Blender, I used Gen3 for the trees and bushes and Alan’s Cloud Generator for the clouds. Everything else is made by me!

Now comment away!

Looks great. But the windmill seems to disappear against the fence. The materials are to close in color. A little contrast between the two would help.



  • Lighter colour for the grass (to contrast with the trees).
  • Different colour for the windmill.
  • More light (partly cloudy days are still bright).Related links:


looks really good! i don’t know what the deal is but the fence looks strange in some sort of illusionary way.

It looks like the sun is almost at high noon, but the cross beams on the fence aren’t casting shadows. otherwise, this is a great looking image.

Just a few suggestions: the texturing of the fence needs some work because you can see repetitions in the tiling or procedural texturing. It also could use some variations in color - like dirt, dust, natural color variations. Also, the area that is at the base of the fence could use some varying weeds (variations in length of grass blades). Imagine mowing your lawn and you never cut the grass right at the edge of the fence. You can do it easily using a hair emitter and a strand material to give some nice long blades of grass. Important to remember about outdoor scenes, they are never crisp and clear…there are all sorts of variations - just close your eyes and picture what that same scene you are working on would really look like. Hope this helps.

thats really good!
when i first saw it i thought it was a composite :eek:
my only suggestion would be to work on the brown center part of the windmill, its the only thing that looks fake to me :slight_smile:

Alright update:

-The center of the windmill
-Added extra grass around fence
-Fence texture, (Although I’m still not quite happy with it)

PS> WHOO!!! My birthday today!! 17!!

Alright another quick update…

Just wanted to get your guys thoughts on the text I’m using for the Title of the Movie…

And also just wanted to quickly throw up a shot of the next scene I’m working on…it’s still REALLY rough but it’s enough to show…

There is going to be a fire in the firplace, and I know it looks sorta medeival, but this will “hopefully” change once I fill out the scene more, plus it’s going to be alot closer than this shot, so you won’t see the rest of the room.