Bacteriophage Virus (tiny)

Long story short, I’m back after a busy week. It’s too bad I missed most of the color prompts, but rather than making up for them, I decided it’s time to move on.

This one took a lot of composition, color, and lighting. I tried to keep it simple, artistic, and ominous.

My favorite part about it is the leg rig, which allows me to control each phages’ tail fibers using a set of empties. I kind of went a bit far with detail on the tail fibers (and everything else for that matter), and made them look like bony legs, but I think it makes them look more creepy, and it adds to the “fantasy” vibe.

This is the leg portion of the tree with the object rigging and index isolation.

Here’s where I model the legs using curves.

Here is the full tree. The joining part needs a little bit of work on the cleanup side of things, but in December, I plan to finish it and release it as an example file along with most of my other nodevember creations.

Critique, tips, feedback, suggestions, and questions are always welcome and encouraged!