Bad Apple. [first serious finished render]

It took me a good 12 hours over a 3 week period to finish this render (countless forums searches). I never thought i’d have an image in the finished projects section. I know it’s not the best but it’s my first serious project in blender since i started using it a year ago.

Really nice, I especially like the saliva drops. My only crit is with the apple texture where the bite is, it looks like felt, and apple mesh where the stalk is, it should have a dipple at the very least.

Oh i see, there is a dimple, perhaps the angle of the stalk needs improving, or better lighting to show the feature more clearly.

his drops are great. if you would match this velvet like shader type with the rest of the models, i mean all should have the same look, than this rendering would be pretty good already.

just try it out! the rest looks to much like plastic, typical phong shader look!
thats bad!