Bad Blender Habbits

Hey all,
Just noticed the other day, i have a bit of a bad habbit in Blender.

When i’m in edit mode, say on a plane, and want to deselect the selected verticies so that i may select others, rather than useing the “a” key, i will use tab twice to get out of edit mode and then jump back right in so all the verticies are unselected. Even tho i know using “a” would be faster, its just become a bit of a “Bad Habbit”. :wink:

Was just wondering if anyone else has some bad habbits they could share.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

That’s the same habit that I have. It’s hard to get away from.

The only other habits I have is trying to do Blender hotkeys in other programs. Example… When viewing a picture in another program (usually Irfanview or IE) I hit F11 to make it go away. Only after it doesn’t disappear do I realize that works in Blender, not here.

I have the opposite. I use the a key way too much, I almost always hit it once or twice before I select something even when I know no vertices are selected.

  1. pofo

Yes, same as pofo. My finger always manages to hit the A key just before a do a select or B key.

This can be very bad when you have low memory and lots of verts!!

I really should stop that. :slight_smile:

I’m always hitting Crtl+W to save things in other programs!

I’m always hitting numpad: 1-3-4-… (then searching the old view)
before doing something else…

just to jump around. not for seeing the thing in another perspective.


I often try to select things (in My Computer) with the Bkey/Akey, or by left clicking.


I find myself using the “x” key to try and delete in windows explorer or word.

Using 1, 7, 3 num pads in truespace to get a front, top, and side view (by the way, it only works in blender:). Using ctrl +w in other programs to save.

I find myself right clicking to select things in explorer after i’ve been using blender for several hours.

I try to right-click on the little borders between frame-type things in programs to try to split the windows :wink:

Sometimes i try running AutoCAD lisp routines in Blender. DOH! :o


I constantly press the b-key to select things, before i de-select the verts i was using before

Yes, I tend to try to use B to select the marker in Photoshop (instead of M) and end up using the brush instead.

eeeoh, my blender bad habits included the pressing of tab instead of a, but I finally broke that habit! whoo! I realized one day that I was pressing the tab button instead of ‘a’, and it took me a few weeks to break that habit. As for other things
I find my self using the number pad for all the views in lightwave, which really makes for a pain when I get all these errors…sigh…
haha, my worst habit is being on a web page and trying to look at it in the 3d view by pressing the middle mouse button…I don’ t really know why I do that. Usually when I get frustrated in blender, I will just start looking at it in the 3d view and moving it and rotating just to look around. I guess that’s what I try to do on a web page…
Also, I try using the ‘x’ button to delete in lightwave which only copys to the clipboard.
I try using all kinds of blender commands in different applications. I guess it’s because blender has the easiest interface with the best and most logical shortcut keys.

I do that too, but I consider it a good habbit since I developed the habbit after constantly inevitably moving some verts I didn’t want to move, along with what I thought were the only selected verts. It’s insurance. I like the habbit.

:stuck_out_tongue: Ingie

This is not the first time I have thought of this, and I’m sure that others have to.

But I was thinking it would be great if there was a windowmaker or Gnome/KDE theme that used the blender shortcuts, for navigation etc. :smiley:

How easy would this be to do?

I frequently try to zoom in and out with + and - in Photoshop and try to translate the view with the middle mouse button anywhere.

another addict.


:stuck_out_tongue: That sounds really familiar, LOL!! But again, it’s not MY fault, it’s the fault of all my other programs having a really stupid user interface!!!

for awhile i was blending with a two button mouse, so when i switched to a three button mouse i would contantly forget to just press mb3 instead of alt+mb1. sometimes i still have the problem…