Bad Blender Habbits

my bad habiut i guess would be hitting cntrl+w every 5 seconds…lol…when i get stuck and have to decide what to do next, i periodically hit cntrl+w(save) about 10 times until i figure out what to do, haha

Errrr, that’s wierd… I’m gonna have to develope that habbit so I can be as wierdly good as you are!!! Must be a sign of genious :stuck_out_tongue:

ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, ctrl w, …

When I play strategy game now when I try to select unit I press “b” before…and some other thing like that on internet etc… And me too I always press tab to deselect veticle… arghh I hate my bad habbit… :wink:

i always try to move something in graphic-apps with the gkey.
Honestly, I try all the blender-hotkeys in many programs.
Sometime ago, I worked in CorelDraw and tried some minutes to move an object with gkey. I even thought the program was broken. Well after 5min I recognized(?) that i cant move things in CorelDraw with gkey…LOL.

cya henrik

I’m new to Blender-- just started using it when the Blender Foundation was announced (and I’m fourth on the list of members, which means that I was reading the web at the right time!)-- but I can tell you that this is a good habit, not a bad habit.

Reason: I’m very much trained to use the “a” key to deselect vertices in edit mode. Indeed, it’s to the point that I almost never tab out of edit mode. I can sit here for a half hour in edit mode futzing around with vertices. Then I do something slightly wrong, and use “U” to go back to the original… and my entire mesh dissapears.

If you tab out every so often, you’ve got at least that one bit of “undo” available.

(I’m also getting trained to save my work very often, which is the other important solution to this issue.)


Ctrl-W? Funny, I have never ever used that combination before! I always press F2, and then quickly tap Enter twice (once to save, the next to say ok to the “Save over?” dialog box). I somtetimes try to use this in other programs.

  • Also, when I open Blender, and want to open the last file I worked on, then I just quickly press F1 and tap Enter.
  • I use (at least try to use) X a lot of times in other programs too, like Word, and for deleting files in Windows.
  • I also press the numpad keys many times, not to look at the scene from other views, but just to, you know, do something.