Bad bone extrusion in front view

Hi everybody,

I hope it is not an already asked question. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I have actually two problems, maybe a wrong manipulation, I’m new to Blender :

FIRST PROBLEM in Blender 2.49 rc1 and rc2 (no problem with 2.48) :

When I create an armature, if I want add some bones to the first one in Edit Mode (by extrusions), all the others don’t have the same orientation as the root ? Ctrl N doesn’t fix the problem and I must fix that directly in the “Transform Properties” pannel by changing the “Roll” value. Or I make a big bone which I subdivide… I think the orientation of the bones in a chain is important ? Isn’t it ? I don’t have this problem with Blender 2.48.

SECOND PROBLEM ONLY IN FRONT or BACK VIEW in Blender 2.48 - 2.49 rc1 and rc2 :

For exemple, if I want extrude a Shoulder Bone from a Spine Bone, the Shoulder Bone’s Roll goes crazy, like if the new bone was created in the 3D space (x,y,z) and not on the 2D plane (x,z). I don’t know if I’m very understandable, I have joined a picture, maybe more comprehensible… ? If I do the extrusion in Top View or Right view, I don’t have this problem. Maybe have you a solution ?

I use Windows XP, Phyton 2.6 ( I have the same second problem with my daughter’s pc under Vista, I have not tested for the first problem).

I hope this message is not too confusing… Thanks for your time, Christian


Actually, grabbing a tip bone in the front view doesn’t work as it should… It’s work fine in all the others. Nobody else has this problem ?