Bad bug?

(saluk) #1

Python editing bug in 2.23?

When I import my python script into blender, and edit any of the variables inside the class (self.blah = 1), the python script wont compile. I can add the exact same lines in the file outside of blender and reopen the file again in blender and it works fine. It’s really really strange. Does any one know if this is fixed in 2.25? Or has any one else run into this problem besides me?

(theeth) #2

it’s an indentation problem, not a Blender problem. When using external texts, Blender often converts the tabs to spaces, so it will give you an indentation error if you add new code without using spaces.


(saluk) #3

Oh, so on import, I need to space over the next line instead of tabbing over the next line? Thanks.