bad call to addqueue

(Doc Holiday) #1

Sometimes when i work with Publisher 2.25, i get some Errors like this in the DOS-Box:

bad call to addqueue: 1 (16392, 4000)
bad call to addqueue: 0 (18, 1)

:o I do just modelling. No Python or something. Does anybody know what that’s going on? Blender does not crash and is still working. Maybe, that’s a Bug?

Thx, Doc

(FlyInOhio) #2

Hello Doc and everyone! Its good to see blender free’d!
Doc, I am getting the same error but also Ghost event error-invalid window-Win:00EA2020 when I do a test render.I’m thinking maybe i have Blender publisher set up wrong on my computer? It seems fine otherwise,no other problems and it still renders fine,just the errors appear in the DOS window.Maybe we should try reinstalling? Or did you figure out what was going on? Sorry I couldnt help :frowning:


(slikdigit) #3

bad call to addqueue: 1 (16392, 4000)
bad call to addqueue: 0 (18, 1)

I get those a lot too. I’ve never seen a practical bad effect though: whatever is causing the error, it seems the program handles it well.
When I’ve been modelling and see a bunch, I usually restart blender just to be safe.

(slikdigit) #4

Okay, I see the pattern. I getit
when changing layer visibility.for interest:In editscreen.c:

static void addqueue_ext(short win, unsigned short event, short val, char ascii){if (win<4 || !areawinar[win]) {printf("bad call to addqueue: %d (%d, %d)
", win, event,
val);} else {bwin_qadd(win, event, val, ascii);}}

(Dittohead) #5

hrm…kinda clogs up the yer terminal window. any easy way of fixing this???

(slikdigit) #6

I might give it a shot tonight. I have blender compiling at home, so it shouldn’t be too hard tracking down the function doing the bad call- and what’s bad about it.
I don’t know how easy to fix it would be, though.