Bad constraints?

I am trying to bug hunt a character I just made.

It has:

Track to
Dampened Tract to
Ik chains and targets
Copy rotation
Copy location

Are any of the above non compatible with the game engine?

I am having problems parenting the armature to a Dynamic object. The object drops as expected but the armature is glued in space in the “rest” post.

The reason I ask about the constraints is because a search turned up some really old information on some of the constraints not working with the GE.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

Maybe a physics problem ?

For games Parenting and physics is like this:

Invisible collision mesh with dynamic physics and friction-------->Armature (no collision, invisible)------->Visible Model Character Mesh

You can check the BGE Guide to Charecter Setup how to so that. You can find it in Tür Guide link of my Signature

OK thank you guys :slight_smile:

Ok, After “Trying everything”, I un-parented the mesh from the armature, Applied scale and rotation to both, and re-parented the mesh back to the armature, then back to the collision hull.

It works fine now. :slight_smile:

My guess is that I had the mesh parented to something other than the armature. When i tried moving the armature or the collision hull the mesh got all twisted and distorted.