Bad Dreams

This is an avatar I created for personal use. I made this by modeling and sculpting the dripping lightbulb shape. I considered using fluid simulation to generate it, but I found that didn’t give me the control I wanted so I used references and even did a real-world test to figure out how best to represent it. I really liked the thick oozing look that I got. Then the clouded background to help support the theme of ideas. I didn’t set out to create a representation of corrupted dreams, but I think that’s what happened. Regardless of what it might seem to mean I really like the result and plan to use it for a long while yet.

If I were to make some changes, I would increase the samples, but since this was going to be an avatar, I didn’t focus on getting a nice high res image, which I do regret a little.

Polygons: 1,134
Verts: 1,192
Samples: 128
Resolution: 1200x1200
Software: Blender 2.79, Gimp 2.10

Resources and References used

  • Google images of Dripping liquids
  • Images of lightbulbs