Bad eggs - animation

Hey guys,

This is an animation me and my colleague Zac P made about 2 months ago. It was a rather rushed development, totalling about 1 week of work all up. it doesn’t sit exactly right with either of us, but we decided to leave it be and come back to it later.

Its a pretty simple story, and not ground-breaking in any way, but hopefully, its a bit of fun.

I hope you enjoy it!

6.5 mb -

Please comment and tell us what you think.


that was pretty cool. my only complaint is that the birds movements are sorta robot like.4/5

Very nice work. Definitely an original and fun idea. I like how the birds convey their emotions with their eyes. However, I agree with tarkata14 that the birds movements could be a little more fluid and natural. Also, I think that the nest might need some work. It looks like it couldn’t stay together by itself.

Nice job greenlig. Very nice. It made me smile.

Nice little animation, I liked the way the eyes looked, very cartoony and slightly angry. Nice work


I think it is more like a ONE STOP animation!

err the characters do not move much but they express much!

Maybe sync all the animation not to be fluid or make it fluid!

Like the nest must fall with kinda robotic fell and other thing …same

So or it is All Fluent or NOT!

Good ideea! Nice intro! Good expresion!

Problems on modeling and things but that can be skiped

Made me smile :slight_smile: I agree that the birdy movements could be more fluid, and the rendering could be a little more ambienty occlussiony (they are both words). Other than that, top notch. I’ll make you a brew for that :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks for the reviews!

Yep, the reason I was hesitant to show it was due to the bad animation. All the bird animation was done in 3 days, and a badly designed rig made it SO difficult to animate it easily. I will definitely going back and making it better.

I had tried AO on the scene but it didn’t seem to fit to well. I will conduct more tests though!