Bad Face/Edge Loops?

I’m just wondering if I’m going about modelling this doll’s face the wrong way. I’m trying edge and face loops but I don’t think I’m doing them the “right” way. Well, at least they might not be very effective.
That’s what I’ve got so far.

Generall a good idea to have all Quads(4sides) or all Tris(3sides) You seem to have alot of both…Try to turn some of the quads to tris or vice versa…

I tried to draw it out…not 100% correct but this should give you a general idea

Yup, it looks like your doing it wrong.
Normally if you did a correct knife cut for the eyes and then an edge loop it would have divided much better then this.
Now it seems as the more edge loops you do the more triangles you end up with.
Do a basic test first, based on this quick tutorial and then you’ll get the hang of it.

Don’t know if it helps but I usually deselect all vertices before applying an edge loop.

Enriq766: Wow, after seeing your drawing over my screenshot…just, wow. Mine looks like crap. Time to start over. Thanks! I’ll be using that as a base for my new model, if you don’t mind.

vliegtuig: I must be going about loops all wrong then. Would you mind posting a few examples so I can see what a loop actually is? I’m still confused.

No problem…I am looking forward to an update.

Before I get too far, how am I doing?

There you go…Make em as wide as you can…Then you can use the Edge Loop tool to make more lines.

Might as well post here instead of a PM maybe some people can get something from this…

Here are a few examples of good topology in my opinion.

and this link

That link shows GREAT way to fake detail when you dont have any.

Also, go to the new Community Journal at for a great video on face modelling.

See the post in News & Chat.


Here’s a nice in-depth tutorial. I hope it helps.