Bad Fluid Collisions

Hello again.
I am having slight problems with the fluid simulation I made to test the fluid simulator.
The fluid flows where the flat box is, and it stays where the box is not. I have searched a little, but I have found no help… :frowning:

I did re-bake it after I moved the box.
Does anyone have any ideas?


The box is set to allow collisions right? It is a an obstacle right?

It could be that you have a previous fluid cache and it calculates some parts of that… I had the same problem a while ago, don’t really know how to fix it though.

and a thing that really learned from those fluid-tests: you need a high enough resolution of the water in order to get it quite right :slight_smile: yours is very low, try a higher value!

Ah, that was it. Thanks, maybeapreacher.