Bad framerate?

Hey all.

Ok so I don’t know whether this is just my computer or what, but no matter what I get a poor framerate. Never any better than 25. Even if there is not a simgle object on the scene. And then sometimes it drops to 18 for a second then gradually makes it way back up to about 23, and also every second or so a bit pauses for a second then resusmes. Anyone know whats going on?


maybe because mars is not perfectly aligned with uranus, or you have a bad video card/drivers


No one can answer your question unless you provide more information. 25 fps is actually very fast for an old computer with an integrated graphics chipset… That was about the max for a Blender game on my old rig.

What are your system specifications? Namely:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Video Card
  • Operating SystemAre you using a standard Microsoft driver or have you updated to the latest driver from the video card manufacturer?

maybe because mars is not perfectly aligned with uranus, or you have a bad video card/drivers
Lol. XP

I remember the old Intel Extreme Graphic chips (with 2005 drivers) couldn’t run faster than 25 fps. If your cheap, could downgrade to the 2003 driver (which has better performance for God knows why…) or buy a new graphics card.

Edit: Oh, blendenzo beat me to the punch. But yea, Intel Extreme Graphics chips are not very good.

Well for a graphics card I have NVIDIA GeForce 7100. We just got a new Vista computer.

Okay, well if it’s a new computer with a 7100 in it, it should be running faster than that. The problem is most likely that you haven’t upgraded your graphics driver. Blender uses OpenGL instead of DirectX, so you need to upgrade your drivers in order to get correct performance.

(Reason for this: Microsoft manufactures very good DirectX drivers and ships them with Windows, since DirectX is their product. However, they pass the job of writing good OpenGL drivers on to the graphics card manufacturer, since OpenGL is not Microsoft’s product and they feel no obligation to support it.)

Windows Help Center article

So where would I go to upgrade?

Edit: I think I found it. I’ll edit again if I didn’t.

Where else? :wink:

Well I got that much… So is there anything else I need to do after downloading?

install them?

Ok well I installed and restarted my comp, but it didn’t make any difference.

Probably because it’s a 7100. That’s a really low-end card (THE lowest card) of the 7 series. But even then, with nothing in the scene your fps should be way above 25. With nothing in a scene, and with “Enable All Frames” on, I get 100 fps. (I have a nvidia 8300, and vista) With “Enable All Frames” off, I get 60. So try that option and see if it makes a difference.

well if your running vista it may be a ram issue, as it uses over a gig by itself. I’m running XP on a 6 year old computer with 512megs and an ATI graphics card that was just average when i built the comp and i still get over 330 fps on an empty scene with enable all frames selected and 60 with it deselected.

Well enable all frames does nothing for me. Maybe 1 or 2 fps more, but nothing noticable. So would I be able to get a better graphics card? And if so how much?