Bad fur flicker during animation. How can I fix it?

I’m doing a 400 frame render of a furry object. No dynamics, the object is not deforming. This is pretty much the simplest render you can do with fur. Upon rendering, however, fur is popping around, changing directions, and generally spazzing out during the 400 frames.

I’ve rendering on both one machine and over a network and I get these results either way, so it doesn’t appear to be a network related issue.

Is fur just completely broken at the moment or am I missing some kind of caching step?

You might want to try and clear caches… And the hair itself is static while in Blender, but only waves about while rendered?
Does it go crazy if you run the animation in the 3D viewport?

It doesnt wave exactly. Theres no dynamics here. It looks fine in the viewport, but when it renders it will “pop”, looking different from one frame to another. Almost like its reforming the particles using a different random seed. It will look good and consistent for 50-60 frames and then start to flicker. There seems to be no discernable pattern.

Is everyone else getting solid results with fur in animation?