Bad guys

Hi. Let’s try thees guys…concept by Sanf Wu



a little update

Up…made some shoes…

Hi waaf.

Sanf Wu’s concepts of his pictures are pretty cool. Nice. You’re doing good so far I think. The characters have a lot of accessories so it’s gonna be interesting to see you make all of that. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hi loren. Sorry I answer so late…I was busy with sculptjanuary2018 :slight_smile:
I don’t know if I’ll do every little thing of the concept…I sooo lazy :slight_smile:

modeling finished (for now…I don’t know if I will model some of the accessories later)

some materials

P.S.: Someone knows why socks and jeans, using an emit plane as light source, show like flat shading? If I light the scene with an HDRI this doesn’t happen. I post the materials settings too ( It seems that if I disconnect the bump node the issue doesn’t show…)

Really the only thing that bothers me is the zipper… most zippers zip from bottom to top, but that’s a minor issue. Nice work here.

Safetyman…you’re right!!! I didn’t think about it!!! It was wrong in the concept and I didn’t notice it

materials almost done…still have to solve the “flat shading” on the socks and on the throusers

My goodness, this looks spectacular. The overall design, the modeling, and the materials are all just excellent!
Wish I could tell you what’s causing that flat shading, but that’s definitely strange. All I can suggest is unplugging/swapping out nodes in their materials to see if that affects how the light might hit them (I’d at least unplug that displacement map and see what that does).
But if HDRI lighting is working fine, it’s hard to say whether or not that has anything to do with the materials.

In any case, great work, and good luck!

I think I’ve done! Which one as final? First is raw rendering, 2nd is just with color correction, 3rd is with lens distortion and glare

Looking good man!

I think I’ll post it in finished works…

Reminds me kind of like the Hellsing’s anime (Alucard) especially the #2 post in this thread. Awesome work. Looks great!

think I’ll post it in finished works…
its lookinng great

Thanks guys!