Bad hair day

I’ve been trying to do particle hair. I copied the scalp vertices from my head model and saved it as a scalp object in a seperate blend file so i could experiment with particle hair. But the hair is all over the place. I’ve tried using a bezier curve to straiten it out but I get half the hair going to one side of the head and the ohter half going INSIDE the head. Do you split the scalp down the middle or in several sections, making it several objects, in order to get a decent hair style?

Just having a really bad hair day :slight_smile:

PS: I watched the hair video tutorial… My problem is that some of the vertices aren’t showing particles at all, some vertices make the hair go INSIDE the head, while other vertices seem normal.

I posted that in another thread this morning. It shows how to use Vertex Groups (in F9) and Weight Paint (Ctrl-Tab) to define a particle patch. Also try to set your Min Distances so that they overlap considerably and click Additive.


Thanks Fligh
my problem was a little more basic though… figured out I had to go back into edit mode and recalculate normals… :slight_smile: Now I got hair all over the scalp, facing the same direction (out instead of in and out) but now I can’t get the forcefields to work. Added an empty and applied forcefiled to it… I have animated selected in the particle hair thang… but they don’t want to move.

Not sure I understand what you mean by Min Distance and Overlap and where is the Additive button? I’m on a Mac laptop and F9 just expose’s my screen

Nah, it’ll be the same on all OS’s.

If you use a Curve Guide (fields menu in F7, Physics Buttons in 2.4 only though) as a path for your hair strands you’ll find those buttons.

“Force Field” means you’re using 2.37 so Curve Guides aren’t in there. So, position your empty, set the Strength at about 4 and press “Recalc All” in the Particle buttons. Reposition your Empty, tweak your ForceField settings and hit Recalc again, rinse, repeat…


no… I’m using 2.4 on Mac OS X… there is no Additive button anywhere.

Under the Fields and Deflections tab I have 4 buttons to choose from None, Force Field, Wind, and Vortex Field… there is no Curve Guide or Attach button showing up anywhere like they show on the hair tutorial. I’ve noticed a few other missing buttons in the OS X version… There is no Particle Motion Tab either.

Like in materials tab … I was following another hair tutorial and it said in the Materials tab select the Strand button… The picture they show has 4 buttons… Full OSA, Strand, Wire, ZInvert . Mine only has Full OSA, Wire, Zinvert… No Strand button.

The buttons you are missing were added between the alpha 2 and rc1 releases. Go download 2.40rc1 and the buttons will be there.


I’m also still struggling with the hair… it’s better looking now, but still looks frizzling on top :

ah… ok now I have the missing buttons… but the fields don’t work… I add an empty and set it to spherical and whalla… nothing. The Curve Guide is there now… and it still doesn’t work.

Seems the Mac OS X version of Blender is plagued with bugs and disconnected buttons.