Bad hair day

Hi folks,
Hair’s not doing what it’s supposed to.
General concept: make a plane , subdivide into 8 and grow hair on the central 4 subplanes.

Spacebar > mesh > plane.
‘W’ to subdivide.
Select 4 central subplanes and name them “hair” (using new/ assign)

Particle system> change emitter to Hair
>>object mode
Vertex group"hair"

Physics > normal = .2

and hair sprouts over the entire plane not just in the central selected plane.

thanks for any ideas you may have about this



Hair appears on any faces that have at least one vertex in the group selected. Does this help?

are you sure that in the extras tab you set the vertex group to “hair”?

also, if you go into weight paint mode,you will see that they are weighted, just that there are such big faces that the whole area seems to emit, but its not

Thanks rvn and raw,
extra tab is set to “hair”,I’ll check the rest out.