Bad Hair Day

SO WHAT? everyone’s playing with cycles hair :slight_smile: so i gave it a try too

this model is a spin off of!
at a point in time, i offered this to crazystick studios, but that didnt work out too well for my monkey…
so i turned him into my personal particle hair guinea pig :smiley:
dont worry, he wasnt harmed in the making of this :slight_smile:

It looks like a bad school portrait. :smiley:

Nice to see you join the land of the living with cycles :wink:

@captain, VERY LUCKY guess! :smiley: i used my own high schl photo as reference :slight_smile: over the years, i began to hate the photo less and less. and i wanted my BA avatar to have that kind of look

@monkmonk, pffffff stubborn face cycles was just VERY LUCKY that BI sucks at hair rendering :smiley:
it took almost an hour to render on my poor poor little pc…and it’s just 200 samples.

i’m porting him back to BI anyways…i’ll replace the fur with a texture or maybe poly-hair. in the process, i should get a lot of practice with texturing, sculpting, normal baking and everything else i currently suck at