"Bad Hair" Mesh

I am stumped as to why, no matter what I try, my hairstyle mesh renderes like this:


When it’s supposed to follow this pattern:


These “chizzeled” parts that are supposed to be smooth curves are driving me crazy. And at the nape at the bottom, those dark ridges are coming from nowhere; I haven’t even started working in that area yet, and that is how it looks from the start.

If it’s of any help, this is the Edit windo view of my project in the making. Maybe I’m managing the vertices or faces totally wrong?


Help. Please? I’d really appreciate any input and suggestion. :frowning:

first of all, some of those triangles should be converted into quads. As for the dark edges, you just have to recalculate the normals. Do this by selecting all the vertices in the mesh (a) and then press ctrl+n and that should fix it.