Bad last frame on Blendered AVI

(mikejedw) #1

Hey Blenderheadies,

I made an AVI from an animation I created. For the most part, it worked great, but most of my AVI utilities (avidemux, totem/xine, possibly even kino) seem to indicate that there is a problem with the file in the final frame (number 200). They were still able to play it, convert it, etc. (except kino, which crashes when I load the file up), but they kept pointing to that last frame as a trouble spot. Has anyone else run across this? Is Blender munging the last frame of the series, or are my tools out of wack? For what it’s worth, my settings were:

  • 640x480 (50%)
  • AVI Raw

Would it make a difference if I rendered to a series of images and then mashed them together into a movie instead of rendering the anim directly to AVI Raw?

When I used ffmpeg to convert the avi to mpeg, it worked out fine, and none of my players register a problem with the resulting mpeg, though you can spot a small visual “hitch” in the last frame or so:

Any clues?

(Timonides) #2


I played it over and over again, but I don’t see any problem…

Maybe it was something random that just happened once…

Have you tried to make another animation and see if you get the same problem???

I don’t think it has to do either with Blender, or your other tools…


(mikejedw) #3

Hmm, well, here’s the divx-compressed version of the avi. Should’ve posted this one before: