Bad LinV! Bad!

Okay…LinV doesn’t work.
I have a dynamic object, on a DYN material ground, mass: 0.01, size 1.92, and damp 0.984. I move it forward with LinV, with the setlogicTicRate(), constantly being set to 30, it works fine. When I increase the tic rate to 60, it begins to work fine, but then it zooms forward all of a sudden, going through objects and such. Why should this be happening?
The floor material is friction 10, and restutution 0. I am using ‘W’ to move it.

I’ve also found that LinV has a very long acceleration and deceleration time. Why? I have a very high damp, and the ground friction is set to 10!

Is this a bug? What is going on?
Oh, and BTW, it works fine in 2.25.

Same here.Only in my game its ALL the Phisics.The Hz thing messes everything up in my game - they work for 2 secs ,then they stop for about 40 secs.Weird :-? !

with the setlogicTicRate(), constantly being set to 30,

It only needs to be set once…

Anyway I did exactly what you did: I give the ground a mat with 10.0 friction and a dynamic object with 0.98 damp, 0.1 mass. Both with setLogicTicRate(30) and setLogicTicRate(60) acceleration and deceleration is instant. :expressionless:

Maybe it’s too fast for my machine…

Hmmm did you make the blend in 2.25 and then open in 2.35??
I don’t know why it does that for you and not me…

No Acceleration or Deceleration here too. Object start/stops instant. But i have to screw the Physics up to 200Hz to make it move smoothly.