Bad Mesh Deform when Moving Bones in Pose Mode

I simply can’t seem to make the gluteus maximus not to look completely ridiculous when moving the bones in pose mode. I’ve tried my own weight painting, having blender do auto weight paint, moving around the vertices, and even moving around the bones. I simply don’t understand what’s wrong. Any ideas?

3DHeroRigProblem.blend (1.42 MB)

For starters look at weigh paint for hip bone. It is too weak. That is why the glute is collapsing when thigh bone move. It is overpowering glute mesh to fold up.

ridix is right…

To fix this, I’d go into weight painting mode and turn on auto normalize if it’s not enabled. Start with the foot on the ground and lift the foot till I start to see the creasing, and weight paint that area to the hip bone. Good weight painting is just like painting anything else, to do a good job, it takes time…

Realistically, to achieve that pose, weight painting might get you about 80% of the way to good deformation. To make it perfect, you’ll probably have to use shape keys.


In addition to what ridix and revolt-randy have said, you could add some “helper” bones at the hip to help distribute the weight. Also, checking “Preserve Volume” on the armature modifier will help with the squishing a little.

Look at the pitchipoy metarig for an example of how to set this up.

Good luck!

I’ve pretty much fixed this problem after checking any bones that might have been effecting that part of the mesh and fixed it accordingly in weight paint. Still tweaking here and there but I believed I’ve solved it for the most part.Thx everyone for your input!