Bad mirror in Blender 2.70?

Hey guys!

So i have this problem…

I’ve used a character and an armature compatible with second life. My idea is to rig a character to use it in world.

I refined the weights on the right side and now I wanted to copy some of the weights to the left side.

This is what I did:

  1. Delete the left vertex group
  2. Copy the right one and rename it (with the convention .R .L, as well the bones themselves, second life rigs don’t follow such convention)
  3. Apply the mirror only mirroring weights, no flip gorup names, no all groups, no topology.

The mirror didnt work, in some joints it didnt seem to affect the group at all, in others it copies just a couple of vertices.

What i’ve tried: Rotate the armature to make it X symmetrical, didnt work
Apply rotation/scale on the armature and the mesh, didnt work etiher.

Honestly I dont know what’s going on… Can you throw me some ideas?

adding a fourth picture where you can see the result of the mirror: