Bad News

I have some bad news.

All the eyesore games I was working on are gone…(my hard drive burned)

Mooman has a copy of megaman levels 1 and 2 but all the other Games/ screenshots are gone. So mooman pls post megaman levels as is.

I am building a new computer so I am starting over with the eyesore games. I am scrapping all projects as of now and I will post new plans in the coming months. I am really upset with myself for not backing this stuff up. I never thought the harddrive would catch fire!! Maybe I can bring some good from this bad. Like new level designs and games.
Wish me luck! and btw this will still be a community effort Eyesore will live!

i am really sorry to here that but you’ll get back on your feet in no time i’m sure. good luck

damn that sucks, im sorry for u man, hey but its a lesson in future i suppose, always back up your data( but honestly how many of us actaully do that ). :frowning:

The screens look pretty good. Did you use any python scripts at all?

Have you had someone knowledgable with hard drive recovery attempt to get your data back for you?

Ie have you tried the ‘freezer method’ or other tricks?


im sorry to hear that enriq!! :frowning:
same thing happened to me a while ago, my house caught on fire (thats wut happened right?) i kno wut ur going thru.

Oops sorry I misread your post, I thought you meant ‘crashed and burned’.


Ouch! Sorry to hear that.
I hope you’re up and running again soon.
How are you gonna handle backups on the new system?

I’m really sorry that something like that happened. What I do to back up files is e-mail them to myself. That way I can only lose important things if Google burns :-?

I hope you can get started with everything again.

I’m at school and it gave “Access Denied” because it contains “Sex.” Wow. I’ll take a look when I get home…

[Edit]Okay, I’m home now. The school’s filters are more stupid than I thought %|. Awesome screenshots. Good luck with them![/Edit]

Sorry to hear that, I know how that feels! Maybe having two HDs could have helped…anyhow, good luck!