Bad Parenting

I’m trying to parent a cube to three vertices on this pony’s head, so that cube will move with the head. The vertices are applied to an armature, so I hoped this would work. Instead, when the game is activated, the cube is in the wrong position, and doesn’t seem to move like the head; all it does is follow the character.

The plan is, that cube is meant to eventually be a soft-body mane, with some rigid body joints on it, where the mane would cling to her head. I thought this vertex parent thing would be a quicker way to parent the mane to a moving head, than using baked animations of the mane parented to the head bone. Is there any way to make the vertex parenting work?

The only purpose for vertex parent together with the BGE is that this kind of relationship only inherits positional changes (means: no rotation from parent).

BTW. The mesh of the skin is ONLY visually animated. The original mesh does not bend at all.

Better parent the cube to the neck bone (or head bone).

Oh, there it goes. Thanks. This is, what, the second or third time you’ve helped me?

No wait, I set the bone parent in Properties, but when I changed the “mane” into a soft body object, it still looked stiff.


Softbodies in the BGE do not use armatures

Bone parenting:

  1. select cube
  2. shift select armature
  3. switch to pose mode
  4. select the bone to parent to
  5. parent <ctrl+P> choose “Bone”

Well, the whole point was to have a floppy mane. So far, I haven’t gotten baked soft bodies to work in the game engine, unless there’s something I’m missing.

I also tried to have genuine simulation, using rigid body joints, and the game engine’s soft body system. If I can’t parent the soft body to the head, the only other way I know of is to have a bone parent constraint, then bake the mane’s movement as a separate animation.

Ok, yes I tried softbody for a sort of hair simulation.

But, it does not work very well. The margin (distance) between softbody and colliding surface is not adjustable.
You will get problems with armature action as the physical mesh does not bend with the visible mesh. This means the collisions will not be where you expect.
Beside that you need to “glue” a softbody with rigid body joints to the object. I suggest to parent a “collision object” to the neck bone and use that as pivot object of the rigid body joint.

Okay, thanks. I think I got it to work well enough. Heck, since this is a cartoon game, I’m cutting it a little slack.