Bad PC problem, please help!

On my computer, a Windows XP, I recently lost the ability to tell what program to open .blend files with!!! I go to the open with… thing and I choose Blender, (2.40) and it won’t add it to the list of apps! I tested it with another app, and it works fine. ( I added Civ 4 to the list.) So in order to open a blend file now, I have to open blender, then open it. But the true dilemma is that I can’t open my games in blenderplayer!

HELP!!! :x :x :x :x :x

Try Options / File Types from the menubar and associate them through that.


Is that in the Control Panel?

In any window (explorer)

…and that’s not Internet Explorer! (man, I could just shoot that M$ marketing exec who decided to rename the File Manager after a web browser!) Hit <windows key>-E to open.

Its actually Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types Tab -> look for .blend in the list and click the “Change” button. (Oh, geez, I just remembered, I’m on Win2K, so this may be different under XP… sorry)

na its the same.

Thanks for all the replies, guys. I hope that works.

Its actually Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types Tab -> look for .blend in the list and click the “Change” button.

I found the tab, and I found .blend, and clicked change. When I go into program files, graphicstuff (A folder name), Blender 2.40, and select blender, click open, it won’t add blender to the list!!! I’m scared now. I can add other programs to the list, however. (I tried to open with notepad, it added to the list. Then I reset that, so it wouldn’t try to open with notepad again.)

I don’t know what to do. I think I’m going to call the computer shop.

Have you recently uninstalled anything or reinstalled blender? I had that problem with jpegs when I uninstalled Gimp. Try using a registry cleaner and if that fails uninstalling then reinstalling Blender

Sorry, I would, but I never really installed Blender!!! I don’t understand it, but I downloaded it on a different computer, put it on my flash drive, and put it on my computer. Then I could just open and use it, no installing thing. But I will try to uninstall it.