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Hi guys,

I’m a user of 3D Studio Max and I started messing with Blender to two weeks, I have still some doubts, but I say that this forum as well as other, sites, portals, and video channels’s blog has helped a lot!

This is a personal project, I wanted to make a teddy bear angry for a long time ago, I got to model it, but the mesh was not good and decided to make the necessary repairs already in Blender.

Evaluate the model as they see it is good to know how their work is seen, even though the comments do not like.

I need a help, open the mesh it and everything, so far is all right, but when I start painting the texture brush just hangs and does not paint anything, you click to paint and brush catches your movement, does anyone know what is that?

Stay in Peace!

BR Version

Fala galera ,

Sou usuário do 3D Studio Max e comecei a mexer com o Blender a duas semanas, estou com algumas dúvidas ainda, mas digo que este fórum assim como outros, sites, portais, canais de vídeo e blog’s tem ajudado pracas!

Este é um projeto pessoal, queria fazer um urso de pelúcia revoltado a um bom tempo atrás, cheguei a modela-lo, porém a malha não estava legal e aproveitei para fazer os devidos reparos já no Blender.

Avaliem o modelo conforme acharem, é muito bom saber como seu trabalho é visto, mesmo que os comentários não agradem.

Preciso de uma ajuda, abro a malha dele e tudo mais, até ai fica tudo certo, porém quando vou começar a texturizar pintando o pincel simplesmente trava e não pinta nada, você clica pra pintar e o pincel trava seu movimento, alguém sabe o que é isso?

Fiquem em Paz!


Can anyone help me?
Alguém pode me ajudar?

we can’t evaluate your mesh without seeing a wireframe render. looks good in solid draw mode though.

Hmmm, ok! Sorry, I’m new in forum

I’ll send pictures by wire


the topology looks good, looks easy to work with :slight_smile:
i love the idea and you have implemented it well, my only criticisms are the eyes look angry but the mouth looks happy, and the nose looks too human, for a teddy bear a round velvet nose would show better that its a teddy and not a real bear, keep up the reat work though :slight_smile:


Sometimes this problem is caused by normal direction or modifiers. Try going into edit mode (tab) and hitting ctrl-N or ctrl-shift-N to change direction of the normals and try painting again. If that doesn’t work, try applying your modifiers first (mirror modifier etc.)

Just a crit: If you want to rig it, it would be better to make the bear look ‘neutral’, so you can use different emotions on it, otherwise will it be quite difficult to make a ‘hurting’ emotion or whatever.

Thank you all once again

turquoiserabbit required, since managed to solve, I had left the surrender cycles on and so was not able to paint.

Apptux still not trying to rig it, but thanks for the great tip! : D

I managed to paint the mesh, the next challenge is now with the hair.
The following new image!