Bad quality on my HD Video


This time I have made a shark laying in the pool.

People told me to render in codec H 264 at size 1280 x 720.

Rendertime 12 hours.
If you take a look at my Vimeo video there is some unexpected shaking flashlike behavior.

Why. Is this is matter of bad work from me or Vimeo.

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Thanks in advance.


Green Shark.3.blend (457 KB)

That’s why you always render to a high quality still sequence first, then render the sequence to some codec. In your case I think the problem is that H.264 doesn’t like large, static objects (the pool apron). I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to like large areas of blackness either.

Well you know better than us if its vimeo compression that’s doing that. Did it look like that in the h264 file before you uploaded? That is normal for h264 or any compression. That appears to be some glitch. It’s always a good idea to render to lossless still sequences, then load those sequences in an NLE (even blender’s NLE if you wish). Then you can see for certain if the codec is doing something funny or if its something else. Also its a good practice in general to always render a still sequence. I certainly would never do it any other way. I prefer PNG sequences, then load them up in sony vegas for some post production, then render them from vegas for their final viewing/internet distribution format.

Hello guys, and thanks for reply. Sorry for late answer.
I got the bad quality fixed on my video.

Here is the new Vimeovideo

I am learning how to use sequense editor, but I think tutorial ar to old from 2000. N key Ctrl +A select dont work

Blender manual sequens editors is made for Blender 2.31 I have 2.49a.

Can you advice where I can find a new good tutorial to learn from

Thank you

Sorry I can’t provide an answer to that but I can tell you that you get more options when using the nodes compositor and image input nodes. These are more advanced but require a bit more work. See the wiki. Papa Smurf keeps it fairly well updated and provides lots of tutorials on all things Blender/video on his vimeo page.

RamboBaby Thanks for your advice.
Maybe I spend som times to learn everything abouth Nodes compositors.

Thank you