bad rendering...

hello, happy new year everyone !
here my rendering, bad render, isn’t, do you explain to me why ?

Thank you

It’s a little difficult to understand what is going wrong with only one image.

Could you attach your .blend file?

I’m guessing that your light sources are in the wrong place, or that you’ve got duplicate objects/faces.

yes sure
this is it…


cage ascenseur.blend (520 KB)

You hae overlapping faces. Remove doubles and check for duplicated objects.


You needed to remove doubles. You had multiple faces overlapping each other, which causes ugly effects.

What you need to do, is select an object in your scene.

Press “Tab” to go into edit mode.
Press “W” to bring up the specials menu. Click “Remove doubles”

Repeat this for every object in your scene.

Great ! It works ! thank you so much, how i do that !?
how i multiple faces overlapping each other ?

You either pressed shift+D and duplicated faces at some point, or you pressed E to extrude and then right clicked and never undid the extrude operation.

ok thank you