Bad topology problem, fix mesh with as few faces as possible.

I am making a model of my Samsung S3. My goal is to make it with as few faces as possible, but still looking good. I’m also going to use the model in a game so I do not want to override 1000 vertices or faces.

So I got around 70 ngons, but most of them look good in render so I won’t delete them. The biggest problem is where the picture is showing. Where the camera is located. I am going to make the camera and stuff all over again with quad faces. I just don’t know how to attach them properly to the mesh without making a big mess. Somehow all the other stuff went well, but not this.

So how to fix this with as few faces as possible? Any good solution? Is it possible to connect the camera to under the mesh? (other side of faces) and not on the surface so all the bad topology will be underneath and not seen?

Another thing that annoys me that recently the 6+edge pole is showing up. I can’t select the lints and I have tried to delete almost everything on my mesh just to see where the problem is located, but even though I deleted the whole model the 6+edge pole was still showing.


So I got around 70 ngons, but most of them look good in render so I won’t delete them.
‘Most’ ? So you’re happy with the one’s that make the render look rubbish. I see a line running across the phone model that happens to match the transition from quads to ngon !
Use ngons on perfectly flat surfaces that also meet up with faces on that same plane, not near any curvature.

When you press render your mesh is automatically triangulated for the renderer to work. With a quad toy can control that triangulation, with an ngon you’re leaving your hard work to some probably bad triangulation algorithm that make a pigs ear of your object.
Quads are also easier to control as you can add edge loops to control edges.

Don’t be afraid if initially using more quads than necessary, you have the opportunity of clean up afterwards. If you start off with triangles everywhere like above to fill in a space, it’s a false economy as you’re just making it difficult for yourself and time consuming to fix any errors.

Well. What I meant was that I am happy with those ngons that look good in render. I will for sure fix those that make my render look bad. When I started on this model, I didn’t know that I had to use quads. And I also suck so much, because I have spent around 500 hours on this model and it’s not even finished. I am going to make quads on these parts and see how it goes. Thanks!

Do you have the option to use a normal map? If so this could likely be a good candidate to capture detail from a higher res and bake it to a lower res

Hi. I haven’t tried out baking yet. Seems like a good idea. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Anyway, I have only 5 ngons in my mesh now after cleanup. Managed to keep a reasonable amount of vertices and faces also. If I had known from the start that ngons were evil I wouldn’t have had so much trouble. And without a good reference picture I messed up a bunch of times. This is my first model also. I’ve learned a lot, but still have much left to learn obviously. :stuck_out_tongue: Learning and advancing is the fun part though! I love Blender!