Bad Track even with a 0.6 Average track error?

How small an average track Error must there be in order to create perfect track?

I hand placed over 30 tracks and got a solve error of 0.6 (which i thought was good.)

Also there is great parallax. Yet my object still slides a bit. its not terrible. but over the course of 250 frames it slides maybe half a foot. even though scaling & perspective seems accurate.

A “Perfect” track has 0 error :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider an average error below 0.5 a good track, and below 0.2 an excellement track.
In general, an average error of 1 or 2 works not bad for a small animation actually.

You may have a few trackers slipping or jumping around causing high errors. Select some trackers and click the “lock to selection” on the right side under display. If you see a lot of random movement, then that track is giving bad solves.

If you have over 30 tracks, then a few bad tracks won’t increase the average much, but will mess up the solve. Find the tracks with the worse solve error, see what is wrong with them. Then either fix them or get rid of them.

Unless you’ve used the whole range of frames for solving (i.e. 250), chances are that the solution is based on a limited range of frames (say 30 or 50).
In my experience, you can play with different frame ranges and obtain a very small solve error for a given range but that will not safeguard against sliding outside that range.

Hey guys.

So i managed to get the solve error to 0.4. but was still causing the same issue. turns out that the floor was not set correctly so the objects looked like they were drifting but they were actually just in the wrong place.

I did as you all said though and refined the track a bit more.

for anyone who wants to know:
I set the floor in the ‘reconstruction panel’ of the tracking window. selecting three tracks on the floor plane and setting them as the floor. was a simple fix.

have you done a propery render with compositor? I had slippage with an error of over 1, once i rendered it with its compositor settings it was good! I found previews and the vse inaccurate.