Bad Wolf Ballet Project [content and Blender documentation project]

Since i am tired of not having good updated TEXT (not video) documentation for Blender im going to put my “money” where my mouth is.

For the last several years i have been wanting to create a set of ballet avatars for SecondLife and since SL now supports Mesh Avatars i was thinking that Blender would be a great tool to do the Building.

I am not an artist (Think Dire Wolf). So if any of Y’all would like to help create content or help document how the various things are being done email/pm me directly with the subject |Bad Wolf Ballet|.

Please note you will need to use Blender 2.66 and specify any plugins you are using.

Will need Texture Paint and Modelers.

Note for the Elders: one of my big hitches is getting UV mapping to work consistently even if i have the OBJ UV mapped already.