Badass Hoverboard

(Goofster) #1

wooooo, I’m on a high tonight. made this thing. it started simple, but…welll… it turned into this freaky thing. last big modifications are done. gonna do some very detailed modelling now. tell me what you think of it.

I’m going for the Giger look


(pofo) #2

Looks really cool.
And I love that soft light.

Maybe add a foot switch?
And definitely make a matching helm and put beside it :smiley:

  1. pofo

(PILER) #3

thats looks really nice goof, cant wait to see some details… did you render that with radiosity?

(Goofster) #4

this is my first try at UVmapping. I just selected all faces and added 1 texture of a panel I made.

(Andy Goralczyk) #5

WOW Goofster! that looks really great!
i suggest you should add some dirt and old stickers on the surface.
nice GI :wink:

(wewa_juicyb) #6

I find myself at a loss for two reasons;
1> WHERE IS THE FRONT!!! (edit :: Me notices that it is supposed to be like a skateboard which doesn’t really have a front…)
2> how come Goofy is a better modeller than me?!
I think that I am gonna go master these Env maps then I can focus on modelling… And sweet jesus Gofer, that is some great UV mapping! :wink: Goofster you have a thing for Blue/Gray don’t you? Well time for me to go fight a stuborn Env map.


(BgDM) #7

That’s really cool Goofster. Maybe instead of the UV Mapping, try adding the texture to an empty so you can scale it and get rid/lessen some of the stretching.

Keep it up, looking great!


(sten) #8

Goofster !

looks coolio !!

(gryphon) #9

It looks as though you used GI (Radiosity) in this rendering, but if you’re still working on the scene, I’m thinking that you didn’t.

Pray, do divulge how you came up with such convincing soft light…

(rixtr66) #10

i like the lighting!!!the model is way cool,hmmm dont know about the textures.well done


(ec2) #11

Very cool. You can always tell when someone puts thier blood, sweat and tears into thier work.

(S68) #12

Very nice,

UVmap is quite stretched in some places, or you do as BgDM says or you can split model in pieces and map each separately…