**Badass Star Cruiser<<Update>2<particalsystem/d

Here is a brief DivX of my starcruiser. Everyone else is making spaceships and I have been itching to try a couple of the particle effects I downloaded. No partical effects yet, or details of any kind for that matter, but here’s my brutal cruiser anyway<<edit/update**2>>==> http://home.att.net/~yorik/DangerBoy/RakDivS1.zip
Note: I jacked up the contrast in the thumb. The vid is darker, but also larger.

Hey! that look cool!!

some tip:
-smaller stars would make it better, use the starsize and stardist value to make smaller star
-Some small variation in the fighters movement would help
-some more details on the cruiser :smiley:

I know this is wip so maybe you already knew all this :confused:

btw, man I like the design…I mean, your design “fit” in a fleet of ships from the “story” of my Aeshma warship…the two look kinda similar in some point…

Great start keep working on it and it will be sweet!

Looks good. It’s going to be pretty awesome when you’re finished with it.

I just added a couple more thrusters, and I think I will fill out that open area on the nose with some widgets.

I have updated my cruiser, and refreshed the link at the top of the page. I added some textures I made in photoshop, audio, and a few more fighters. I have yet to add: Thrusters for the fighters, and some detailing on the hull. When I’m finished with it, X-Warrior, you can borrow it if you want.

could we see a bigger still?

Sure I realize the Div is a little blurry due to compression. There is a spec map on the hull that kind of gets lost because of that. I will put up a render when I get the fine details in. Btw, I made a particle system for the thrusters, and get this: It actually works properly! ( my first succesful particle system )

Wow, it would good to see how it holds up in a nasty battle against some nasty aliens.

Fresh update at the top of the page
–made particle system for cruiser thrusters
–improved UV mapping
–added various details
–improved output size/compression

C&C welcome. Please let me know if there is anything you think I should fix.

it looks to me like all youve got is a hemi, maby a lamp. work much more on the lighting. go watch startrek enterprise, and check out their ships

Actually it’s a spotlight with a tracking constraint. I’m not quite sure how to go about the lighting to be honest.

Check this out.


Dude, awesome. Thanks. <edit> btw I am adding some tiny lights at a couple of places along the hull. it is looking pretty shwIING!