Badge Questions

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Badge questions :arrow_down:

  1. To get the 100 received likes & 100 given likes badge’. Do you need to get EXACTLY BOTH 100 (?)

  2. When you finish 'Getting started group badges. Do you get anything new (?) Privileges perhaps (?)

  3. What is the ‘New user tutorial’ badge (?) How do I even find the tutorial (?)

  4. ‘New User of the Month’ badge. Start of global months (?) Or starting the time you first joined BA (?)

To be honest, I don’t track badges all that much, that’s much more @bartv’s area of understanding. I’ll try to answer as best as I can, though:

  1. I believe that you have to have at least 100 of each.
  2. I don’t think so. Privileges get increased when Trust Level increases. I don’t think badges have much to do with that directly.
  3. When you first create an account, I think you get a PM that gives you a walkthrough tutorial of the forum software. I’m not sure how to launch the tutorial outside of that.
  4. Since it relates to being a new user, my assumption is that it’s within your first month of joining BA.


Thx for the reply :wink:

P.S Nice rehearsed play :blush:

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