I am modeling a bag. I have a couple questions.

How can I create a wire around the bag? I followed this tutorial. But the problem is I could not find Links and Pipeline in Blender 2.5

I would like to be as close as possible to the original image with materials and textures (just for practice).

I think for a zipper I can use plane and array, right?

I am expecting critique and step-by-step tutoring.

Thank you


This is my first project, so please understand.


bag2.blend (524 KB)

could you provide an image? it’s alot easier to look at an image than to download a .blend and open it. you can take a screen shot with shift F3, or ctrl shift F3, I think, then crop it in another program.

Sorry I thought the images came with the .blend file. One more image to come. Unfortunately the page allows to send only 3 images at the time.


I’ve attached 4 images.

to make the wire, i would duplicate an existing edge, extrude it outward, recalculate normals outside, and extrude >> click in place >> alt S ( scale along normal ). alternatively, you could add a bezier curve, subdivide as needed, set to ‘3D’, click off ‘front’ and ‘back’ buttons, and adjust the depth and resolution settings as needed. all these settings are in the curve buttons of your properties panel. when you have it in place, you can convert it to a mesh with alt C.

Not so fast please. I’m already lost. it does not have edges, only loops everywhere.

Here’s my method for displaying wires:

Duplicate the original object, go to edit mode. Then select all, and press alt+s and scale along the normals to about 1.01 or so. This will make the new object slightly larger than the first object. Then, go back to object mode, delete the old material, and add a new. With the new material, make the diffuse color opposite of the original, and change the render type to “Wires.” You can either turn off specularity altogether, or play with it to get a new look. I used this method to get these renders:


I assumed ‘the wire’ was refering to the cord around the edges of the bag, I may have been mistaken.


OK, I scaled it to 1.01. I did not have a material, so I just added, and changed render type to Wire. I still did not get how to make that wire around (it’s darker than the rest of the bag) the bag. And zipper… Can you open bag.blend file with background image?


The file is in 2.5. It does not open in 2.49

If it’s just round, you don’t need to use a bevel object. ( bezier circle ). you can just click off ‘back’ and ‘front’ and change the depth and resolution settings.

Right but if you look at the pictures OP posed, it looks as if the wire might go across the top of the fron, down the front left edge, back the bottom left edge, up the back left edge then across the top back edge, its moving all three dimensions. And why constrain yourself by unticking those buttons when you can be just as effective using hotkey xyz translation constraints? It seems kind of roundabout if you ask me. I mean, the wire stuff is three dimentional, requireing a “pipe” to run along the edge, so why not use bevel obj, it produces a high res pipe… So I don’t really see the setback.

actually, my way is more direct and produces the same result. you would snake the bezier curve around wherever the ‘piping’ needs to be, same as you would if you were using bevel object, but with my settings, no bezier circle is needed, only a single bezier curve to define the path. you can also make square piping, and bevelled squarish piping using additional settings. however, if the profile is a star, or multiple ‘pipes’, or something, you would need to use bevel object.

ahhhh I seee, that’s very cool. thanks for the extra insight.

We learn new things every day. At least I hope my impromptu tutorial was good enough to give OP an idea how to bevel object when he needs it one day!

I actually had been using blender for years before I figured that out. Source: @ndys tutorial on the tree from curves script for 2.49