BagaPie Addon

I just tested, it makes sense.

I will add it at the same time as the Texture and Position and min/max random rot and pos. :slight_smile:

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Playing with Scatter texture…

playing with textures

New Scatter node tree :


BagaPie with a lot of new features : (16.4 KB)


Good to know you’re working on a 3.0 version. By the way multiple new geo nodes Curve Primitives now ship with 02/July 3.0 Alpha.

Keep up the good work!

Yes, I think in 3.0 the Auto Array On Curve will be done with Geometry Nodes. It will allow a lot of possibilities.
There will also be new types of arrays :slight_smile:
Here is a test with the current array (circle and grid) :


Looks like an awesome addon, thanks. I downloaded it and followed the tut but all I get is this, see image

Not sure what I am doing wrong, as after I draw the operation, and switch back to object mode, expecting it to be a cut out of the cube, nothing happens.

Can you help, or anyone?


Hi, thanks.

What version of the addon and blender are you using ?

On gumroad it’s but you can download this new version (who has an N Panel (the addons panel)) : (16.6 KB)
Don’t forget to uninstall the old version before you put the new one.

simple bool

Using 2.93 and downloaded it from here>

I’ll try the version u just posted as clearly the one I am using is outdated.

Thanks for the reply!

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Don’t hesitate if you have other bugs. :slight_smile:

ver. works! Very cool! thank you!

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Yeah !

If you want to try, I added an option “Solidify” and “Bevel”, that allow you to do that :

Ex : Bevel + Solidify + Mirror

Im not an expert in using Blender, more at the beginning/learning mode. Still trying to learn as I go and watching lots of tuts. How do I do the above, I don’t see an option to Solidify or Bevel.

Oh, how can I change the shape of the cut, like a circle or whatever?

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I tried it again, and was able to do the small rectangle cut, then I went to do another one and it didn’t cut. Here is what I got, which is different results than the smaller cut. (see red on the image)

The panel is here, most of the addons are located in the “N Panel” (because you can press N to bring up this panel).

You can change the shape here :

New UI panel (in addition to the current one), it displays the last tool used. :

Default :

Boolean :

Displace :

Scatter :

Scatter Paint :

Array :

Window :

Wall :

Auto Array on Curve :


Hi !

New version available :

  • BagaPie now has an N panel (addon tab). It allows you to modify the parameters of the last tool used. (Reediting and managing the modifier is the next step.)

  • Boolean : now it has a bevel and solidify option as well as a button to exit or re-edit the boolean.

  • Scatter Paint : new button to enter or exit paint mode. also an option to add / remove, reverse, or clean up when painting.

  • Displace : Color ramp and Subdivision enabled by default.

  • Scatter : Use visual scale of instances.

  • Wall : shade smooth and auto smooth enabled by default.

  • Auto Array on Curve : now remove multi-user data.

  • Added Tooltip

  • And several other new options and small improvements …

Download :


It’s TOo Good Now

Haha thanks :slight_smile:
Modifier manager is coming …


Why not adding a ‘slice’ function too to the boolean tool? It is a choice that already exists in ‘bool tools’ add-on. It would be a very significant enhancement for Baga Pie.

Yes, we can already do it by switching to intersec. :slight_smile:

My current plan is to finish the manager modify, improve the options of Scatter Paint (to have the same as Scatter) plus a few other options. Probably to review the UI of the pie menu to be able to create new branches (like effector for example). And then I think I will switch to the Blender 3.0 version which will allow a lot of new features.

If you have any suggestions for new features they are welcome. So far I have remained focused on options useful to my own domain (architecture). But if you have other preset ideas, feel free to suggest them. (If they are based on geometry nodes it’s even better!)