BagaPie Addon

Thanks, I dont get any error or reaction at all.

You’re on Blender 3.1 ?

Yes, the add-on is “For Blender 3.0 & 3.1 ONLY”

Have you tried this ?

  • Uninstall addon
  • Save preferences
  • Close blender
  • Open blender
  • re-install addon
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Do you have the same ?


I did all these several times I swear, but now finally worked :slight_smile: Thank you so much guys!!!


Love the addon, I’m using it a lot for array’s / scattering objects, should you be able to apply the modifier? I’ve tried on a few objects, but it just makes the mesh disappear. Keep up the good work, thanks again :raised_hands:t2:

If you use the N panel, you should be able to apply the arrays.
For the scattering, I’m working on a tutorial (Geometry Nodes is tricky for applying).


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ok awesome, thank you, I’m looking to buy the assets version soon also, they look great, do you plan to keep adding tree’s rocks etc to the asset library over time?


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Yes of course !

Thanks !

I will continue to grow the asset library in parallel with the development of BagaPie Modifier. (of course, updates are included)

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Had the same issue. Add a Realize Instances node just before the Group Output, and then when you Apply the GN modifier, you should get mesh geometry.


You can take a look here :


Thats great, thank you!


@AntoineBagattini Excellent work, man. Thanks a humongous ton for making this available to everyone.

Is it possible to use this addon to create lods that switch and display at specified distance in relation to the camera.