BagaPie Addon

No, but if you know Geometry Nodes, you can do it easily.

No tools for that BUT, you can copy paste it here :


Does this addon override any of blender’s default kbs?

Thanks :+1:

Hi, no. There is no override.

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Thank you will take it for a spin :slightly_smiling_face:

new ubdate?!?!?

Does the addon fully supports 3.2?

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@Mau_Santana I updated BagaPie to Blender 3.2.
I’m working on an update with some new features, but it’s going to take some time. We are working on a big addon in parallel, it slowed us down on the development of bagapie.


a sugestion to replace pass thru atributes with named atribute nodes so the geo nodes modefier look clean