BagaPie Addon

Haha ^^ No problem =)

Thank you so much for helping me, God bless you!

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@AntoineBagattini Hi, how do you restore uvs from the Object Data properties Panel? I am trying to get the uvs back to the Uvs panel so I can export the mesh as an fbx.


Follow this :slight_smile:

Depending on your assets, you may have multiple Attributes to convert to UVs


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Thanks a ton.

@AntoineBagattini Sorry to bother again.

If you convert to mesh, the collection containing the scattered mesh disappears. I accidentally saved the file after this and can’t get the collection back.

Maybe a way to still keep Collections after convert to mesh is clicked?

Did you take a look to the temp file or .blend1 ?

Try File > Recover
Rename .blend1 into .blend

NodeTree To Addon WIP

BagaPie Modifier will be able to translate your own geometry nodes modifier into an user-freindly panel.

BETA available on BlenderMarket and Gumroad.
Demo file available in the beta: Nodes Custom Demo.blend

Please report any bugs.


Few prefix & details in the addon preferences :slight_smile:


Yeah. I did. The temp file updated past the convert to mesh stage. I saved a number of times before I realized I needed to change some settings so now I have a saved file version of that stage before I ever convert to mesh in case I need to go back. Had to redo the scattered pieces again.

I am wondering why Blender doesn’t have some sort of history save stage panel window where you can save certain history states in case you need to back to way further than your undo.

By default there is an addon that allows incremental save. Also, I think you can create multiple .blend1 (take a look in the preferences).
PS: I don’t use these tools, I may be wrong on some points.

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Ok. Will check the addon out. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Ivy Generator upgrade coming ::partying_face:

  • New generation method > Projection
  • Propagation
  • Gravity
  • Collision
  • Apply Ivy (yes finally😃)
  • Faster generation
  • Preview Guide

I hope to put it in the beta tomorrow