BagaPie Modifier - Free addon

Hi folks,
For me, the WALL function is not working as you show on the YouTube video.

I am new to Blender, so it may be me, doing something.
But I am copying what you are doing in the video, and not getting the same results.

I create a generic cube, so that the J menu works.
I hit J
Click Wall
This this auto create 2 walls/cubes, which are tangled together, and the edges are all messed up.

I tried with a plane, same results.
I will upload a picture, to better illustrate what is happening.

What am I doing wrong?
It is supposed to make a cube > into a hollow cube with walls right?

Default setings, this is my only addon
Latest Blender version
Latest BagaPie version


The wall modifier create a wall from each edge.

For the cube this is the “normal” result (The walls are always vertical and with a cube he tries to create walls on vertical edges, hence this weird result.)

With the default plane, it should be good.

A full tutorial is planned once the addon is launched. :slight_smile:

Can’t believe this is happening :slight_smile: I don’t use Blender very often, more 3D-Coat, but this reminds me on “explosions” in my head, when Mainframe guys first time presented MASH for Maya on some Autodesk conference. Just big congrats and thumbs up for your development!


Now Scatter, Scatter Paint and Effector are merged !

At this stage, no more features will be added.


Wow! Super Nice addon !

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Anyone get this add on to work in Blender 3.0?

Nope, the objects get scaled to 0 when I try to use the array, and they stay scaled to 0 if the modifier is on.


The addon is still in development for Blender 2.93. But when it is finished, I will start the version for Blender 3.0. :slight_smile:
People have told me that some features work in blender 3.0 but I haven’t personally tested them.

Ps: Be careful with the scale (real vs visual) of your objects.

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Thank you. I have to wait a bit. I want to start new project base on 3.00.

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I’ll wait a bit. Thanks for the great work you did.

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