I feel I am way overdue for another update here. There were a number of factors but I’m not going to start listing excuses and instead I just want to start moving forward again. I have finished the basic sculpt for Andrew’s head and a rough idea of the hair. Next up will probably be sculpting his body before moving on to re-topo.

Andrew now has a body. Next step is retopo. Most work from here on out will probably stay in Blender.

*** Taps the mike, “Is this thing on?” ***

Silence or not I am forging ahead. I like the retopo much better for Andrew. Certainly didn’t enjoy doing it but I think it’s much better than I did with Holly. Next up I need to get the body retopo done.

For a “simple” (heh …) scene like this one, which has to convey a very important message at a glance, “character is everything.” I really like what you’ve done with Holly and I also like what seems to be shaping-up for Andrew. I think that you’ve got a very solid concept for both of the two young digital actors who need to play this scene.

Thanks for that. Expressing a single moment of time, of an emotion, is what I’ve been thinking about this whole time. Character is everything is a good extension of that and why I am trying to put so much into it. You won’t even see much of Andrew’s face in the final but it was important to give him a distinct character none the less.

Finally back at it after being far too busy lately (and dealing with the internet going out). Hope to make some more progress this week because I know once this weekend hits I won’t have any for a few days. Anyways Andrew is now finished with retopo. Still left, I need to create some proper clothes, texture, and rig.