Hello Everyone,

This is my latest project. A cinematic shot. I’ve used blender in the assets creation process( Modeling - camera animation - cloth/smoke simulation)


For the full project please visit:



looks awesome


Awesome work! I have increased your user level so you can add more images now :+1:

Epic stuff. Impressive.

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Really amazing stuff… must have taken a long time.

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Beautiful! Must have took a lot of work. How long did this take you?

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Hey nice photo im muslim as well,looking forword to sharing 3d modeling photos together!!!


This is amazing! congratulations!, it must have been a lot of work!!
it looks beautiful and fantastic, although not very realistic, but I love that is not realistic, realism is overrated! how did you composed it?


Imppressive asset works and combinations

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impressive was the buildings placed?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Hello bart,

Thanks alot for the feature. Really appreciate it and I’m glad to see my work featured on blendernation.

How about getting featured on blenderartists too. You could do that .right? Or telling me how I could do that. Thank you in advance.


You’re already in the voting process :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush:

Thanks BigBlend.

Safetyman Thank you. yes you could say so

BlenderWizard444 Soon I will write an article to show exactly the time and all the other details.

Amirhameed Salam Alykom brother… Of course we Could share together.

onnevan yeah I love the fantasy style too. Do you mean the compositing process ?

skuax Thanks :smiley: