(Eric) #1

I have this webdesign course in school, and have to do a website till wednesday. And I do have to do some content also, so why not make a tut. (bah!) And why not post it here. (bah!)

Anyway, here it is:

Critique!! I’m not asking for comments or anything, not that it wouldn’t be nice but… :smiley:

(macke) #2

Nicely done dude. That anim is actually pretty sweet and gave me an idea about animating this technique. Ah well, will try that some day ;o)

(blengine) #3

great job! yeah that animation is pretty cool! =)

(S68) #4


Nice idea


(Zweistein) #5

It s nice, but i don t work…
You say, "ADd an empty in the middle of the planes…
But you never say what to do than with the plane??
when i move the plane there are no changes…

But great job…

(Eric) #6

thanks for giving comments!

I’m not sure I understand this sentence fully thought: "But you never say what to do than with the plane?? "

could you explain?

thanks again!

(Zweistein) #7

oh sorry… You never said, what to make with the empty…
I added an empty to my scene… but what makes the empty there?? It does not have any function…

(Eric) #8

oh, well it may be quite hard to see, but I’m using the empty for texture mapping. If you look at the material screenshots you’ll see it.

(Zweistein) #9

sorry, i don t get it :wink:
can you make a red circle around it,please g Perhaps i am blind…
I would make that over all sttings, wich are other than the standart material settings, so people can see it better…


(eeshlo) #10

The exact same method is used in Dynamica too actually, in games you will find this technique is used as well.

Zweistein: It seems the screenshots don’t actually show what to do with the Empty, but what Eric meant was probably this: For the cloud texture in the material buttons select ‘Object’ (the button above ‘Orco’) and type the name of the Empty in the button next to it. Now the empty controls the texture mapping of the clouds.

(Eric) #11

Thanks Eeshlo! I’ll correct the screenshot.

I’m sorry if I made you confused Zwiestein. :smiley:

(Zweistein) #12

That s no Problem, bu i need a thank you, too ,-) Because just through me, your tutorial is coorrect now ,-)

Ha, the long discussion got a hpyy end :wink: g