Bahamut fayth (FFX)

Well is the statue that host the fayth of bahamut in FFX game. (is the same beast on my avatar)

almost done with the modeling, maybe adding in detail later


wow this modelling is incredible. I really don’t know what to critique. I’d say you should texture it.

^Thanks! the final version before texture

it looks to be shaded flat and without a Subdivision surface, is that intentional? otherwise the modelling looks good

You’ve lost me on this one, I (literally) can’t make head or tail of it. Great modeling though.

^maybe a reference picture will help (should had post that before).
and yes, some of places I didn’t apply subsurface

Ok that explains things.

Okay, a little test on texture…

Do you use Blender clouds texture for the displacement?

I think It looks awesome. I like the displace on the top 3 ‘tentacle’ thingys.

Maybe the body of the guy shouldnt have specular? Anyways…looks cool.

Actually those are just some rock image texture I found. set the color to only 70-80% then set up the color on the material, which give it some sort of color rock appearance

next stop, lighting or working on some environment

edit: add in some glow

Finally, make a background and some post node set up and done…?