Bake action from "Follow path" constraint not working ?

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for some time now but can’t find any doc or answer about this, so I ask here.

I’m trying to bake the animation from a cube that has a follow path constraint.

So basically ; open blender 2.76, add path curve, select cube, select path, Ctrl-P > Follow path. It works.

Now, I select the cube only, and hit the “Bake action” button, leaving the default settings.

An action is created for the cube, but only two keys are created, at 0 and 100. Nothing else. Is that the normal behaviour ?

I tried applying the visual transforms with Ctrl-A before baking, but that doesn’t seem to change anything.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for your help,


Try …

Frame Step 1

Only Selected

Visual Keying

Overwrite current action



You need to key with visual keying for Blender to actually care about the constraint. You can enable clear constraints too so you remove the constraint since you don’t need it anymore. (or just remove the constraint when you’re done)


Thanks for your replies.

With visual keys checked, it kind of works. I say kind of because although it now actually keys the movement, there seems to be a strange offset.

I add a path curve, leave it at its default position. First handle on the curve is at -2,0,0. I put the default cube there, then parent it.
When playing the animation, it’s allright. When baking it, the cube goes from -2,0,0 to 0,0,0 ( where it should stop) then goes on to 2,0,0 adding a 2 units offset to the original movement.

I can see the offset by the dashed line between the child element and the parent one.
I’ve tried applying the visual transformations again to no avail.

Any idea what’s going on there ? Can you replicate the issue ?

I couldn’t replicate it. I also don’t understand why you are moving the cube at all (and parenting), when you add the constraint it will get moved automatically to the points of the curve.

Thank you ! I’ve been looking for hours T_T

Check mark “clear constraints” also.